GOOD NEWS for fans of racing on the Apple Isle this weekend, with the highly anticipated resurfacing of Baskerville Raceway finally commencing.

After a nearly four-year long quest to raise funds for the new tarmac, the Baskerville Foundation, Hobart Sporting Car Club and Motorsports Tasmania Facebook pages have been awash with imagery of the historic circuit getting a new lease on life.

The 2.01km circuit, located within Hobart’s northern suburbs, has been a feature of the Tasmanian racing scene since 1958 – but had in recent years experienced a deteriorating surface that restricted the level of events that could be held at the venue.

The new surface will complete an array of upgrades that include improvements to the pit / paddock area, new circuit edges and kerbs and a new bridge across the start / finish straight to provide paddock access.

The Baskerville Foundation was founded by the Hobart Sporting Car Club in 2012 to help raise the approximately $600,000 required to lay the new bitumen surface.

“ is a very special day for the Baskerville Foundation and the Tasmanian Motorsport community,” read a post on the Baskerville Foundation’s Facebook page on Saturday morning.

“From 7 years ago listening to talk of abandoning the circuit to now seeing a new surface going down alongside all the other improvements completed by the Foundation, words simply cannot describe the feeling.

“There have been some extremely amazing contributions to the Foundation, both financially and selfless physical contributions, far too many to list here. On behalf of the Foundation we thank every single person that has got is to this point, thank you.”

Though short, Baskerville has been highly regarded by drivers as a challenging and technical circuit, with significant elevation change across its 2.0km length.

PHOTO: The Baskerville Foundation Facebook Page.