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WHILE bushfires have curtailed the 2019 edition of Rally Australia before the cars reached the start ramp, the destructive Canberra bushfires of 2003 created a whole different playing field for the rally community in ’04.

IMAGES: Mark Walker

From January 18 to 22 2003, Canberra burned.

All told, almost 70% of the ACT’s open space, plantations, parks and forests were torched, along with over 500 houses.

The playground for the National Capital Rally made for a desolate scene, with the once pristine pine trees bulldozed into chared piles.

In conjunction with the severe drought conditions of the day, it made for an incredibly dusty rally come 2004.

That said, with the forests cleared, the sight lines for the punters roadside stretched for mile after uninterrupted mile.

The Race Torque was there to capture the scene…