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ONE OF the more frequently asked questions in the motorsport world is ‘What would happen if I race my 225mph IndyCar on a high-banked Super Speedway against a field of go-karts?’.

Fortunately, thanks to the fact that much of the world are bored in lock down with nothing better to do, we can tell you.

The Race Torque was tagged into some tweets by a gent named Tom Arron, who turns out to be one of the PR team working for Motor Sport Vision – the Jonathan Palmer-owned company that owns a suite of UK circuits including Brands Hatch.

It turns out that Tom, in these troubled times, has taken to answering some of the most important ‘what if’ questions if the racing world was turned upside down, including the one we kicked this off with:

We’ve often made the point here at TRT HQ that racing regulations are far too complicated for their own good – Tom showing us that this is absolutely true when a typo swapped ‘C’ for ‘B’ with thoroughly interesting results..

We’ll be honest, we can totally get around a 24 Hours of Group B cars at LeMans.

It’s quality stuff, and there’s more on his Twitter account. Do check it out here.