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FOR THE most part racing cars are supposed to keep all four wheels on the ground – but sometimes things just don’t quite go to plan.

IMAGES: As credited

Whether by incident or design, sometimes the laws of physics just don’t seem to work out and racing cars head to the sky – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Either way – it’s pretty spectacular!

Here’s a collection of cool imagery we’ve collated over the years of race cars doing things they’re not supposed to.. and some rally machines doing it properly!

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John Magro went for a wild ride during his time in F3 – here at Symmons Plains in 2014.
PHOTO: Richard Craill
Not sure how Ben Barker got all four wheels off the ground, whilst pointing 90-degrees to direction of travel, but at least he’s dialed in some oppo..
PHOTO: Richard Craill
This one actually ended up going right over backwards.. fortunately F3 pilot Graeme Holmes was okay. His car.. not so much.
IMAGE: Shannons Nationals
Earl Bamber heads sky high in his Team BRM Dallara Formula 3 car at the 2008 Adelaide 500.
IMAGE: Formula 3 Archives / John Morris
Tim Macrow runs off the road on the exit of turn two at Queensland Raceway, launching his F3 car airborne. Held it, maintained the lead, won.
IMAGE: Formula 3 Archives / supplied
Peter Hackett launches the Lamborghini Diablo over Sydney Motorsport Park’s famous ‘hump’ – lost when the circuit was resurfaced.
IMAGE: Australian GT archives / John Morris
Young kiwi Nic Jordan bounces the rears off the ground in his F398 Dallara, again at the artist formerly known as Eastern Creek.
IMAGE: Team BRM / Dirk Klynsmith
Matt van Tuinen jumps his Impreza WRX over one of the many jumps in the Mount Crawford stage of the 2009 Rally South Australia ARC event.
IMAGE: Richard Craill
Sean Bolger (Right) almost rolls his VW Polo in the opening round of the 2017 RallyCross series at Marulan, NSW.
IMAGE: Richard Craill
Tyler Everingham gets ridiculous air in his F4 car at Surfers Paradise.
PHOTO SEQUENCE: Courtesy Fox Sports Australia
John Bowe. The Chase. That’s all you need to know.
PHOTO: Mark Walker

Kinda mandatory for these guys, right?
PHOTO: Mark Walker

Nothing like nailing that apex as you climb the hill in the West..
PHOTO: Mark Walker

Rick Kelly gets air…
PHOTO: Mark Walker

The Sandown ‘Oh shit we’re not going to make it’ chicane air.
PHOTO: Mark Walker

Turn one Adelaide air is good air.
PHOTO: Mark Walker

Wave-related air!
PHOTO: Mark Walker

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