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WHILE the Supercars Eseries has been deserving of a weekly Power Rankings column, last night’s BP Supercars Eseries Celebrity Race was a bit too much of a slapstick comedy to be fairly given the full treatment.


While there is a time and a place for serious eCompetition, there is also a massive opportunity to have fun with it, as evidenced in the “Thursday Night Blunder” series.

In that sense, this celeb race was an absolute home run – figuratively and at times literally!

Yet another slick Supercars production, Garth Tander once again proved that he will be at home in the commentary box when he decides to hang up the helmet.

Here at The Race Torque, we are far from being TMZ-spec celebrity watchers. That said, we were able to identify a majority of the competitors, although some viewers were miffed by the lack of female participants.

For those fans of our Ratings Watch series – the program outrated last week’s eSeries with an average viewership on Foxsports of 38,000 (10th top show for the day on Foxtel), with the Facebook stream having 182,000 views, some 105,000 down on last week’s stream of the ‘real’ Eseries action.

What does this tell us? The shorter program certainly keeps people engaged, with Monday overall being a much softer night for Foxtel ratings. Certainly, the lead-in promo work from the celebs may have drawn in some more casual followers, while the hardcore sports fan who has been tuning in via Facebook gave it a miss.

Regardless, strap yourself in for this recap – it was a helluva ride!


Peter Siddle, Aussie fast bowling royalty with the shout out to The Race Torque! Thank you Chad, you’ve made Richard Craill a very, very happy little South Australian.



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