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REGARDLESS of any changes to the schedule due to Victoria’s Coronavirus case spike, the real extent of the cost-saving benefits put in place by the Supercars Championship this year has started to be revealed.

WORDS: Richard Craill IMAGE: Mark Horsburgh / Supercars

SUPERCARS teams will save up to $60,000 this year thanks to one rule change alone – and it has nothing to do with the cars themselves.

Supercars implemented several major changes to the championship following the Covid-19 enforced suspension, including making a majority of remaining events two-day race meetings.

Elements like limiting data acquisition at events, key consumables including brake rotors and tyre allocations and also limiting crew numbers at each round to 11, outside of drivers.

It is the latter that has seen teams find a significant cost saving for the remainder of the year, according to Brad Jones Racing owner and Supercars board member, Brad Jones.

“I think between now and the end of the year, with the formats that we have got, our team will save nearly $60,000 in food spend,” Jones told On the Grid.

There’s some massive savings by reducing the package. The Commission has done a really good job in identifying the things they need to work through it and getting the right result.”

Supercars teams’ catering is a significant part of the paddock, with teams utilising dedicated catering tents, usually located behind their transporters, for breakfast, lunch and dinner at each round.

While some teams are self-sufficient, some share resources in a bid to further lower costs.

Though a significant part of the budget, the teams catering model is notably cheaper than having to source individual meals at restaurants each day.

The reduction in staffing – notable for larger teams – and the downsizing of events from three to two days for most of the remaining rounds has driven the sizable saving from the budget.

In a lengthy chat, Jones also expanded on how satisfying it was to see his team return to the top of the podium after four years without a win, and the relationship the team enjoys with mainstay Nick Percat.

He also spoke at length about the challenges faced by Supercars in light of Victoria’s recent spike in Covid-19 cases and how the sport can move forward this year.

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