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PENRITE RACING’S David Reynolds is our special guest this week.

It’s a chat that goes exactly the way you think it will go, as we discuss being on the road, Engineering relationships, his season so far and #PodcastWars, among many other things.

Dave never stops being Dave and that’s what we love about him – so this is a hugely enjoyable chat.

Then we’re joined by Dunlop Operations Manager Kevin Fitzsimons in a fascinating insight into what it takes to supply the VASC field with round black things, how he reacts to the discussions around mixed-tyre use and even the possibility of sofer tyres down the road.

There’s also a fascinating insight into the 2017 Phillip Island tyre dramas, what caused it and how they rebounded.

After the two very excellent guests, it’s then into the usual chatter about the week gone, the week to come and much more.

It’s a rather good episode, this, so please do have a listen via the link below, at, Spotify, Apple, Google or at 9pm Thursday Night UK time on RS1, via