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RANKED: 2021 Eseries Round 4

JUST when you think the madness stops and some normality at a road course returns, Supercars selects Monza for the next round of the ESeries journey.

But surely lightning couldn’t strike twice in a week, could it? Could Monza deliver more entertainment this week, as it did on Sunday night?

The answer was, of course, a firm yes. While things were firmly sorted at the front, behind there was all kind of stuff going on that, coupled with a very professional race from the professionals, made for another very entertaining ninety minutes of mid-week entertainment.

Read on as we give it the old TRT Rankings treatment.

  1. The Race Torque Gets Results!

When we demanded that there be another round of ‘Neil Crompton’s crook photo’ album last week, the team behind the Eseries absolutely delivered with interest! Sure, Uncle Neil has never been to Monza previously, but that was not to deter the photoshop boffins from churning out these images on the Supercars Supercomputer. Clearly the above is posted with no context, you really have to watch it to understand. Fantastic stuff, never change.

  1. Monza Race Report: Getting on the Beers

The opening lap was kept much more in check than the corresponding race from 2020, although Tom Randle went entirely “Kellycopter” at the end of the first lap (top and below). The usual players held station throughout the opening stanza with some entirely competent racing. Nick Percat literally got on the beers in the halftime break, although he registered major sponsor brownie points by using a nicely branded stubbie cooler. Subsequently got shunted on the restart. Don’t drink and drive, kids. Brodie Kostecki held on for the win, and is in another league right now.

  1. Nelson: Out

Nelson, the Official Dog of Supercars looked rather disappointed after Dad Percat shunted in qualifying, and subsequently upped off the couch and left. Nelson then let the nation down by muting Dad’s mic when Neil Crompton tried to have a chat during the opener for the broadcast. Bad boy.

Scott Pye’s mate Biggy Smalls also featured, although Biggy carries no official duties within the sport. On this, was there a tender process for Nelson to earn his official title? Can there be an official cat, bird or hamster of Supercars? Should The Race Torque use this downtime away from the track for good use, by organising a bracket competition to find the official pets of Supercars? Please, hit us up on the socials @theracetorque with why this is a terrible idea.

  1. iRacing Realism Issues

I mean, the physics of the actual race was pretty good, but some of the peripheries require attention. Elsewhere in the Pro race, Dayne Warren did more Dayne Warren things and continues his unbeaten streak. The race was tight throughout the leading pack, and barring an opening lap tear up at Honda Corner, it was neat and professional.

  1. Neil On The Limiter

Let it be known that this video contains a minuscule edit from Neil’s 2020 Eseries Celebrity Race all-time epic meltdown. No matter where or when that footage is shown in future, we promise to feature the clip in the next available Ranked or Power Ranking article. That’s a Race Torque guarantee.

  1. Bitcoin Bouncing Back!

We continue to chart the rise and fall of the Swyftx Pole Position winners, with $200 worth of Bitcoin on the line for the quick qualifiers. By virtue of setting the swift times in the opening two rounds, Brodie Kostecki’s $391 loot is now worth $392, while Richie Stanaway’s $200 is currently valued at $201. Kostecki added to his stash with his third pole, bringing his running tally to $592.

  1. This Sort of Tweet Will Create Debate…

  1. TV Nerd Things

Ever wondered how the nitty-gritty technical stuff behind your Wednesday night of entertainment gets glued together? Check out this Gravity Media story for the complete run down.

  1. Wedded Bliss Update: It’s a Wild Rollercoaster

  1. #ESeries Controversial Take


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