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BATHURST 1000: Day 2 Tuesday Notebook

Day two in the bank, many, many more to follow…

In the second edition of our race week notebook, we dive behind the scenes, and cover the sort of things the news sites don’t.

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Gen3 Supermax

Perhaps the most stringent security in all of Bathurst guards what is behind this roller door…

The Ford and Chevy Gen3 prototypes are being kept from prying eyes, with a tight perimeter in place around pit bays 13 and 14.

It is believed that they will finally be launched Friday morning… stay tuned for that.

Peters Motorsport In the Game

A lot has been posted about the efforts of the Queensland based Peters Motorsport in recent times, with the closed borders massively impacting the team’s tilt on the Touring Car Masters title with Ryan Hansford, and the SuperUtes Series with Ryal Harris.

We caught up with Brett Peters, who was a successful privateer in the 1000 over the years, who explained the situation for the team.

The Biff is Back

The early running proved to be difficult for many competitors, with the green track combined with a significant oil down, as reported below.

Included in the karambolage were TCR’s Chaz Mostert (Reid Park), Zac Soutar (The Chase) and Keegan Brain (outlap on Pit Straight).

In the GT World Challenge, multiple Australian Driver’s Champion Paul Stokell came unstuck at Reid Park in his KFC Audi, while Mike Bailey had a similar issue in his Bentley.

While the Audi was repaired for the later session, the Bentley is set to be subbed out for a spare Aston Martin.

It’s always good to have options.

Hot Tip

Expect one of the leading Supercars drivers to be sporting a VERY different look this weekend, crafted by a highly unlikely hairdresser…

Probably Not Ideal

Amateur detectives might be able to deduct that yes, that is the Mount Panorama sign on the inside of the track, and yes, those are kangaroos.

The long grass made it difficult to count the entire mob, but at one stage at least 20 were visible.

Fingers crossed the kangaroo fences surrounding the circuit hold out for the duration of the event.

Winner Winner

The very first car to hit the track for this festival of motorsport was Aaron Borg in the V8 SuperUtes, although Ryal Harris completed the first lap.

Of note, some time has been saved for competitors by sending them onto the track prior to pit lane, rather than force them to trundle to the far end, essentially meaning their first lap is officially timed.

Major Buzzkill

The first major mechanical drama of the meet inflicted Danny Buzadzic’s gorgeous Craven Mild throwback Holden Torana in the Touring Car Masters, which created a significant slick from the exit of The Cutting through to the John Hinxman Vista.

S5000s: Hard Yes

There were smiles aplenty in the spectator areas as mobile phones were whipped out as the S5000s hit the track for the very first time in anger.

Roberto Merhi was the first car on track, and topped the opening session despite ending it wedged in the wall before McPhillamy Park.

Joey Mawson then banged out a 2:00.8702sec to top the second session.

Want to get a small idea of what it was like trackside? Check out this raw audio, as recorded as the cars run out of The Chase.

TRT: Meeting the Fans

The above tweet from a friend of the On the Grid Podcast Angus Cooke sent us on a mission to McPhillamy Park.

Fortunately, Angus noticed a fat man in the area wearing a TRT hat, and introduced himself.

Below, we chatted about his camping adventure on top of The Mountain…

From the Internet

An Oldie, But a Goodie That Needs Rehashing

It’s great to have the fans back trackside…

It’s a long, long race meeting…


All Bolt-On Parts

Hard No-Thank-You!


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The rumble of the S5000s echoed down Conrod. That is all. That is the hot.


Clearly, the fans at home were upset that there was no TV, but the lack of any PA trackside also detracted from the atmosphere.


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