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BATHURST 1000: Day 4 Thursday Notebook

Four down, three to go.

This is The Race Torque’s daily notebook from Mount Panorama, taking a deep dive behind proceedings of the 1000.

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Castrol for Randle

At 7am it was formally announced that Castrol would be returning as a full-time Supercars sponsor, backing Thomas Randle at Tickford Racing next season.

There was a healthy crowd of media and dignitaries in attendance for the unveiling.

A special hat tip has to go to the video cameramen, who absolutely put their best foot forward in capturing some spectacular vision.

Above is the view from the stills photographers of the videographer’s backs seconds after the covers came off. Nicely done.

Cheers Team Medical

The unsung heroes of the sport are all those who make it happen.

Especially at Mount Panorama, we tip our hat to the Team Medical crew, who are most likely first on the scene when someone has come unstuck.

Like all facets of society, the trackside disciplines have taken a hammering in this COVID period, with border closures forcing the medical team to go on a recruiting drive around the country to boost their ranks.

We caught up with “Millsy” to get the low down.

Love Locked

You may have heard of the Pont des Arts in Paris, a bridge where lovestruck couples place a lock and throw away the key as a symbol of their devotion.

Well, Bathurst is no different, with one couple choosing the catch fence at Forrest’s Elbow to forever demonstrate their commitment to each other.

We assume there is a key to this lock somewhere within the tyre wall…

Catching the Bus

The jam-packed schedule has had a significant impact on the way the photographers operate.

Any typical year, a mini-bus will blast out onto the circuit between sessions, ferrying snappers from the bottom of the hill to Griffins Bend, The Cutting and the Esses.

This time around, the bus is only heading out on track first thing in the morning, with further subsequent shuttles taking place on the perimeter Barry Gurdon Drive to the top of the hill.

The tight timetable is also making it difficult for the photographers to cross the track at the Esses between sessions.

Also, the various kangaroo fences around the facility now make it impossible to commute to the top of the circuit via the internal road system.

Imagine being stuck on the inside of the Mount Panorama at Skyline for a day? That’s a real-world problem…

The Weather Forecast

This will be an absolute kiss of death, but whoever forecasts the weather for Bathurst is a lot like Steve Harmison delivering the first ball of the Ashes: they have bowled a massive wide.

Outside of a few spots of rain (picture: enough to stick all of the dust to your otherwise clean car), the scheduled daily precipitation has failed to deliver.

Fingers crossed they continue to get it wrong…

The Rumble and the Roar

We bang on about the noise of the S5000 cars, and we feel it is with good cause.

Take for instance today’s opening race, when the thundering field set off the alarm in the Medical Car, which was parked near the entry to the pit lane.

Get on the Beers

Hat tip to the lads who could have had a quiet ale from the comfort of their campsite, but instead they went to the effort of carrying an esky down to the apex of McPhillamy Park.


Track Walk TV

It was interesting to see Fox Sports’ preview show last night feature drivers at different points around the circuit explaining the pertinent points from each section.

The Race Torque literally did this in podcast form, and we released it on Monday.

Give it a listen!

Sunrise Snaps

Earlybirds getting the worms, etc.

This is Daniel Kalisz, he is the best photographer on the tour, pictured here getting that winning sunrise snap.

Of note, with the race falling in December, and planet earth wobbling on its axis, the sun was not ideally positioned for this shot like it is in October.

Clearly, this is something event organisers should consider when planning the next calendar.

Fully Gripped Up

Of note from the grid walk, there is this massive line of hugely grippy crack sealant straight down the right-hand side tyres of the cars lining up the left-hand side of the track.

An unfair advantage, or a potential broken axle?

Total Blowout

Did a low flying helicopter send this lovely Repco shade structure skyward?

Uber Eats, Mount Panorama Style

Having a side hustle is important.

Like this bloke, pumping effluent during the day, delivering piping hot pizzas at night.

Somebody has to do it…

Live and Loud from Bathurst

Frankly, this is doing motorsport correctly.

Some live music broke out today within the bar on the inside of The Chase.

Quality stuff.

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