Podcast Richard Craill July 13, 2022 (Comments off) (67)

PODCAST: Karl Reindler, F1 Medical Car driver

KARL REINDLER is living the dream in 2022, following the Formula 1 circus around as one of the Medical Car drivers at selected Grands Prix this year. Karl gives us a unique insight into the process, including the lengthy period between first talking about the role and actually getting it.

He also discusses how his own career – both on track and off it – have influenced the role and yes, that includes his fiery crash in Perth all those years ago. Karl then walks us thorough what a Grand Prix weekend looks like for him, gives his first hand account of being first on the scene at the massive British Grand Prix crash and a whole heap more. It’s insightful, interesting, entertaining and a must-listen!

After that there’s a full Townsville debrief, this week’s Doric Power Rankings and more!

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