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TRT TOP 25: 25 to 16

To continue our red-hot summer of reading here on The Race Torque, in the following days we will be bringing you the top 25 stories as clicked by you over the past five years.

To get the ball rolling, our first instalment covers articles 26 through 16, and there are some deadset bangers in this set…

#25 – Analysis: The numbers that show who’s where..

During the 2019 season, the parity debate in Supercars circles was absolutely raging.

Stripping away the emotion from the facts, we broke down the various changes to the competing models – the brand new Ford Mustang and the ZB Commodore, plus the trusty old Nissan Altima, with all of the cars moving to a single spring setup, as opposed to the earlier twin/triple/quad spring setups.

Delving into the data, we cast some light on what was really going on, as the various squads clamoured to gain political ascendancy.

After a few years of quiet on the parity front, is history about to repeat itself with the introduction of Gen3 this year?

#24 – $100 Million Motorsport Country Club Circuit Set for Perth

Country clubs are a growing genre of motorsport facility overseas – with the concept set to enter Australia via the Club Moolia venture just outside of Perth, WA.

Catering to an exclusive clientele, the member-only club is set to feature exclusive wine tastings, celebrity meet-and-greets, sports championship viewings, fine dining events, plus lifestyle privileges with a network of hotel, travel and restaurant partners.

Plans encompass a 4.1km long, 17-turn circuit to FIA spec, with a host of added extras.

The price tag? A cool $100 million, thank you very much.

#23 – The Forgotten Race Track Dreams

Here The Race Torque took a deep dive into some of the motorsport developments talked about in the media between 1983 and the year 2000.

Some were utter pipe dreams, while a select few became reality in one shape or form.

From the Geelong 500 to F1 at Calder Park and Sandown, to the $1.5 million sale of Oran Park, and that’s just covering the first five months of 1983…

A great walk down memory lane.

#22 – Brock, the Doctor and a Belgian Forest

This is one of our all-time favourite yarns, a true look behind the curtains at the time when one of Australia’s biggest automotive stories was starting to unravel.

David Segal was on the ground at the 1986 Spa 24 Hour Touring Car Race, embedded with the Mobil Holden Dealer Team, with the story taking in some wild twists and turns regarding the King of the Mountain, Peter Brock, and the team guru, Dr Eric Dowker.

Crack out the crystals, this one is a pearler…

#21 – The F1 Car in a Kitchen

Here at The Race Torque, we are fans of the Grand Designs TV franchise, which has over its journey covered some outlandish kitchen layouts.

However, Kevin McCloud has never reviewed a new home designed around a 1980s F1 car.

Brenton Griguol’s kitchen is the stuff of our dreams, with his 1988 Lola Cosworth sitting pride of place in his South Australian abode.

In this feature, we drooled the centrepiece as it took to the track at Mallala Raceway.

#20 – Sneaky Circuits: ‘Farm Access Road’ or Race Track?

Ever had the dream of turning your driveway into a hillclimb like Lord March, or squeezing a karting track in the backyard between the orange tree and the Hills hoist? Turns out, you’re not the only one.

Owning your own private race track is a dream for anyone with even the slightest hint of octane running through their blood, only for the fact that they are extremely expensive, very large and generally quite antisocial.

We are fortunate that friend of TRT Jack Perkins spotted this farm track from 30,000 feet, and its backstory is well worth a read…

#19 – How does ‘Balance of Performance’ work?

In the same way that commentary around the Supercars Championship often involves the phrase ‘parity’, the upcoming GT3-centric Bathurst 12 Hour will produce plenty of discussions centred on the ‘Balance of Performance’ of competing vehicles.

Broadly, the Supercars and GT3 rulesets have been developed to ensure fair, open competition between marques, however, they have two different ways of achieving a similar result.

This deep dive looks at how the sports car world deals with attempting to make the playing field a level one for a diverse range of machinery.

#18 – The Dane Dynasty – Part 1

The rise and rise of Triple Eight Race Engineering as a Supercars force has been one of the biggest stories in the last two decades of Supercar racing and, thanks to the addition of daughter Jess to the leadership of the team, it’s one Roland Dane has no intention of stopping any time soon.

The father-daughter duo caught up with Dale Rodgers for a lengthy chat about the past, present and future of the team at the 2019 Bathurst 1000.

#17 – The Aussie CIrcuits You May Never Have Known

Australia is fortunate to be filled with incredible permanent racetracks that are busy 365 days a year for racing events, practice, corporate functions, driver training and much more.

But for every Phillip Island, Sydney Motorsport Park and The Bend, there are smaller, lesser-known circuits that you may not even know existed – or know very little about.

And we’re not talking about Morgan Park, Wakefield or Mallala here; this is a deeper dive into the club tracks and venues that every now and then raise their head above the parapet and say ‘hey, look at me’.

#16 – The Life and Times of Mark Larkham – Part One

Characters. Every Aussie sport has them. Week after week our favourite sports personalities take to the field of play. They can be dominant, supremely talented and astute or just plain gifted.

Motorsport is no exception. The likes of Peter Brock, Dick Johnson, Alan Moffat and, in the current era, Craig Lowndes have been the face of motorsport to the casual observer. Supremely talented and unlike many of their peers in other sports, fan-friendly and media savvy.

Most of all they have not let fame change them. They are who they are. No pretence.

One of the more enduring personalities who has transitioned from a successful competitor to the media world is Mark Larkham.

Dale Rodgers caught up with this highly popular member of the Supercars family.

Next up: 15 to 6…

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