Dale Rodgers August 22, 2021

Dallara won its first Indianapolis 500 in 1988 with Eddie Cheever and Dallara chassis' have won the prized race twenty-one times. The IRL and CART

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Dale Rodgers August 21, 2021

Motor Sport has a rich heritage of racing teams bearing the name of their creators. In modern Formula 1 enduring brands such as McLaren and

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60 years young: Mallala celebrates a milestone

Richard Craill August 17, 2021

South Australia’s iconic Mallala Motorsport Park will celebrate its 60th anniversary with a full weekend of on and off-track action on August 28-29.  Arguably the spiritual

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Making the TV broadcast work

Liam Webster-McAllister August 15, 2021

IT’S easy to take it for granted, sitting on your couch and watching the racing on the ‘box – but it’s no way near as

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Sydney race teams: ‘Treading water’

Liam Webster-McAllister August 8, 2021

New South Wales' lockdown has influenced the lives of millions, and several of the nation's best racing teams are right in the middle of the

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The First Time Coronavirus Impacted Supercars

Mark Walker July 31, 2021

While the 2020 and ’21 Supercars calendars have been thrown into disarray by COVID-19, it is not the first time a Coronavirus has impacted the

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What does it take to be a racing engineer?

Liam Webster-McAllister July 30, 2021

In our continuing series of motorsport 'How to' interviews, this week we profile one of the key people behind the headset, engineering drivers to raving

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The Battle for the Future of Catalina Park

Mark Walker July 14, 2021

The future of formally regcognising Catalina Park's motorsport heritage is currently under the spotlight, with The Gully Aboriginal Place - Draft Plan of Management undergoing

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Motorsport: the 53rd largest country in the world

SOUNDS like a strange things to say, doesn't it - but a recent study provided by the governing body of the sport backs up the

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The Unglamorous World of Sports Sedan Racing

Mark Walker July 3, 2021

Sports Sedans racing is pretty glamorous, right? Limited rules, big V8s, and awesome race cars. Well… sometimes, I guess, maybe… For this tale, we turn

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