Autonomous Motorsport: In Australia Now

Mark Walker January 12, 2022

From our first autonomous motorsport competition, to facilities being used to test driverless prototype road trains, whether it’s comfortable or not, the future has landed

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Mallala’s Missing Metres

Richard Craill January 8, 2022

LOOK AT MALLALA from above and there remains a faint outline of what is clearly abandoned race track. It's a little known tale that the

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EMBEDDED: A Bathurst week with CoolDrive Racing

Dale Rodgers December 19, 2021

IT'S not often you get a chance to embed yourself within a Supercars team tackling the Great Race - but that's exactly what TRT's Dale

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BATHURST 1000: 2021 TRT Event Diary

Mark Walker December 11, 2021

95 hours trackside, 98km walked, 18,129 photos taken. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the motorsport media at the Bathurst 1000?

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BATHURST 1000: You have to watch these epic Bathurst TV intros

Richard Craill December 5, 2021

THERE'S nothing like a lengthy, emotive piece of television to get you fired up for the event ahead - and Bathurst is famous for delivering

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BATHURST 1000: The Co-Driver class of ’21

Dale Rodgers December 1, 2021

IN our annual TRT tradition, DALE RODGERS runs his ruler over the co-driving class of this year's Repco Bathurst 1000. Bathurst. The Holy Grail of

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BATHURST 1000: Gurus, Hoodoos and Trivia Tidbits

Mark Walker November 27, 2021

SEEKING some drivers to fill your prospective qualifiers for the top-ten shootout? Eight drivers have an average qualifying position better than tenth at Bathurst in

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Bathurst’s other astonishing motorsport museum

Richard Craill November 27, 2021

AS WELL as being well-known for it's car racing heritage, the country New South Wales town of Bathurst is well-known for it's wide array of

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The BAC State of the Nation

Jordan Zoch November 24, 2021

Benalla Auto Club chief Chris Lewis-Williams announced he will stand down after six years in the role. So, we sent TRT reporter Jordan Zoch to

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Lifting the door on Rusty’s Garage

Jordan Zoch November 13, 2021

IF you're reading this website, you know who Greg Rust is - but how much do you know about one of Australia's best motorsport broadcasters?

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