FARR AHEAD: Three decades on top of Sprintcar racing

Dale Rodgers October 25, 2021

ROBBIE FARR is one of the greats of Australian Sprintcar racing, with titles in all the major series' and events to his credit. DALE RODGERS

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Wildcards: Who would we sign?

Richard Craill October 21, 2021

CAMEOS: We're not talking about the app, where you can pay 'celebrities' cash to record you a personal message; this is about a one-off wildcard

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MOTORSPORT 101: Build A Racecar at School (& Race It!)

Mark Walker October 14, 2021

If your school manual arts experience was anything like mine, you possibly learned handy new skills like making an ashtray, or twisting a length of

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We need to save the Adelaide Street Circuit

Richard Craill October 10, 2021

THIS TIME they have gone too far. In another chapter in the ongoing saga of the Adelaide Parklands Circuit and the demise of the Adelaide

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RAW SOUND: Bathurst 12hr Winning Ferrari

Mark Walker October 9, 2021

CRANK. IT. UP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaJZKWfNt2k Here at The Race Torque we have previously recounted a personal tale of the 2014 Bathurst 12 Hour, a race which

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UP CLOSE: Bathurst Sabotage & A Life Beyond Group C

Mark Walker October 2, 2021

In the opening segment of our two-part special on the Group C BMW 635CSis, we looked at the politics of the era, the development of

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Bucket List: DTM, NASCAR & Formula E on Ice

Mark Walker October 1, 2021

Recently on The Race Torque’s Facebook page, we asked the question: how many race tracks have you visited? There are some great tallies thrown into

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UP CLOSE: The Group C BMW That Almost Never Was

Mark Walker September 25, 2021

Sometimes, the legend of a racecar can stem from its presence, moreso than its on-track success. Perhaps one of the more striking examples from the

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‘Drive it hard, drive it fast, break it..’

Richard Craill September 20, 2021

REGARDLESS of any misgivings you may have about the success of failure of Supercars Generation 3 rollout, there's no doubt that it's making for fascinating

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UP CLOSE: Australia’s Ferrari F1 Twins

Mark Walker September 11, 2021

Nothing quite stirs the emotions of race fans quite like the screaming F1 cars of the 1980s, especially so if the machine is branded with

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