COMMENT: The not-quite payoff of a Wanneroo Saturday

Richard Craill May 3, 2022

ON THE surface it’s very hard to criticize what turned out to be an excellent Saturday at the Perth SuperNight event last weekend. Perfect weather.

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B6HR: Extra Bathurst Notebook

Mark Walker April 21, 2022

WHEN we arrived home from the Bathurst 6 Hour, we noticed we had enough content to fill one more Bathurst Notebook. So consider this a

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B6HR: Weekend Notebook

Mark Walker April 16, 2022

We're at Bathurst, and the Notebook has made a late weekend comeback. Here are the best behind the scenes bits from a week on The

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NMRM: Our Top Ten

Mark Walker April 15, 2022

Forever one of our favourite things to do when in Bathurst is to spend an afternoon gawking at the displays in the National Motor Racing

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AUSGP: Sunday Notebook

Mark Walker April 10, 2022

The Grand Prix is back. Whether we just didn't realise how good this event is, or we've all been Driven to Survive, Albert Park has

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Picking the Strengths of the 2022 F1 Grid

Dale Rodgers April 9, 2022

Two years is an eternity in Formula 1 evolution. With Australia not seeing the F1s since that fateful day in March 2020, the appetite in

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AUSGP: Saturday Notebook

Mark Walker April 9, 2022

You know how we told you the crowd yesterday was big? Read on to see what a properly massive crowd looks like... Also - don't

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AUSGP: Friday Notebook

Mark Walker April 8, 2022

Remember back to Bathurst last December when we mailed in a notebook entry every day? Well, why not do it again! This is The Race

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OPINION: You can’t have it both ways

Dale Rodgers April 4, 2022

The quick-fire world of Social Media commentary is a mine field of good and bad. Of clever and intuitive opinion, to trolls and at times

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COMMENT: Racing TV ratings are basically a waste of our time

Richard Craill March 24, 2022

FOR THE first time in five years TRT’s regular Ratings Watch column didn’t make an appearance following the opening round of the Repco Supercars Championship.

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