The Remarkable $190K+ Sponsorship Tweet

Mark Walker March 5, 2021

A lone Tweet from a NASCAR Series sponsor has sprouted into a viral sensation that will see at least a quarter of a field carry

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COLUMN: Looking backwards, moving forwards

Richard Craill February 16, 2021

I DON’T want to give away my age too much, but the decade in which I truly fell in love with our crazy sport was

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Tony Quinn’s Motorsport Legacy

Mark Walker February 11, 2021

Motorsport is lucky to have Tony Quinn. From a competitor to a sponsor, a benefactor, a circuit owner, and a category owner - there aren't

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The 10 best Bathurst 12 Hour qualifying laps

Richard Craill February 5, 2021

THERE’S nothing like qualifying at Mount Panorama. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the Bathurst 1000, the 12-Hour or a sprint for Hyundai Excels, there’s

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COMMENT: The Challenges Facing the Future of Motorsport

Mark Walker January 23, 2021

Previously on The Race Torque, we looked at the massive financial contribution made by motorsport to the national economy as noted in the 2020 Queensland

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COMMENT: The big Grove gain for Kelly Racing

Richard Craill January 15, 2021

THE GROVE family have been actively involved in motorsport for a decade and loved it for longer. I’m not sure there’s a better group of

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COMMENT: Supercheap sticking around is good for everyone

Richard Craill January 14, 2021

MUCH was made last year when Supercheap Auto were replaced as the major sponsor of the Bathurst 1000 by Repco, Supercars new major sponsor. After

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Mark Walker December 14, 2020

COSTS are a hot topic with Supercars currently formulating their Gen3 rules package, but are there lessons that can be learned from elsewhere in the

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Richard Craill November 30, 2020

A mention this week to Kumho Tyre Australia, who this week bow out – at least for the short term – as the major tyre

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Richard Craill November 23, 2020

THE POWERS behind GT3 racing around the world will now play a leading role in the future of Australian GT. It's a change the category

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