The ‘Race that stops a nation’ is yet to happen this year

Richard Craill November 3, 2021

THERE is a very real chance that this years' Repco Bathurst 1000 could draw a larger TV audience than the supposed 'race that stops a

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OPINION: Thank god for the rich people

Richard Craill October 8, 2021

JUST A MONTH ago, billionaire Jeff Bezos and three friends flew to the edge of space in the first crewed mission of Blue Origin’s New

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COMMENT: The Sydney irony that’ll save the Supercars Season

Richard Craill September 25, 2021

MOTORSPORT is filled with irony time and time again, so it’s not a massive surprise that the state that basically forced the entire sport to

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INSIGHT: The Supercars Silly Season

Dale Rodgers September 18, 2021

Trying to trace the history of this catchy title takes us back to around 2010, one of the earlier years it appeared in media. The

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COMMENT: The NASCAR Calendar Experiment & Supercars

Mark Walker September 17, 2021

NASCAR is in the midst of a revolution, with wholesale changes to its calendar – could Supercars similarly mix things up in the future? This

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COMMENT: The big, bold last roll of the dice

Richard Craill September 15, 2021

BY NOW you would have seen the news that the Repco Bathurst 1000 will see Supercars and key Australian Racing Group categories join forces for

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I Got Vaxxed at a Race Track

Mark Walker September 12, 2021

I live in locked down Melbourne, but I still managed to spend my Sunday morning at a race track. You see, there are numerous venues

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Fantasy Supercars Airport Tracks

Mark Walker September 10, 2021

In this week’s On the Grid Podcast, we rattled off a list of dream street circuits around the country, which when combined with fan feedback

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ESeries: “ got a little out of hand!”

Liam Webster-McAllister August 28, 2021

With the latest lockdowns across numerous states in the country, most motor racing has been put on hold. However, to ensure everyone has their racing

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COMMENT: Young bloke, cold tyres.. loving it!

Liam Webster-McAllister August 26, 2021

A year ago, Liam Webster-McAllister probably couldn't have told you the difference between Craig Lowndes and Eau Rouge; but a rapid motorsport education has TRT's

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