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Stutt’Fest: New three-day Porsche festival launched

STUTT’FEST, an exciting new three-day festival celebrating all things Porsche, will race away the challenges of 2020 and 2021 when it takes over Winton Motor Raceway on January 14 to 16 next year.  

Stutt’Fest is named after the German city of Stuttgart, where Porsche was founded in 1931, and will feature on and off-track participation from Porsches of all models in a weekend of spirited competition on track and loads of fun off it.  

The concept stemmed from a lockdown-inspired desire to get back on track before expanding into a celebration of all things Porsche – with a relaxed vibe, affordable entry point, lots of track time and with enjoyment as the number one goal.  

Stutt’Fest has been founded by long-time Porsche enthusiasts and competitors Sven Burchartz and Steve Kepper, with support from Jodi Zylstra and Terry Knight. 

A long-term partnership with the Benalla Auto Club will see the Winton Motor Raceway team manage the on-track component of the event.  

Anything with a Porsche badge – road or race, four cylinder, flat six, V8, V10 or EV, Sedan, SUV or Coupe’ – will be welcome at Stutt’Fest ’22.  

Racing categories will include two grids of GT3 Cup cars: one for pre-991 generation (996 and 997) and one for the more recent models including those seen in Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge Australia and Porsche Paynter Dixon Carrera Cup competition.  


  • 3 Day Porsche Festival with on and off-track action to be held at Winton Motor Raceway on January 14-16, 2022.  
  • Racing Categories include GT3 Cup cars, Porsche 944, IROC Challenge, Classic Porsche, open Sports Cars and more. 
  • Regularity / Super Sprint Competitions 
  • Show ‘n Shine / Concourse competition 
  • Off track displays, food and drink, local region tours and much more 
  • Support for local mental health charities following the Covid-19 Pandemic  

Porsche 944 Challenge, IROC Challenge, a category for Classic/Historic Porsches and an open Sports Car category, for the fastest and most fire-breathing Porsche models, will also feature on the racing program.  

A ‘State of Origin’ Regularity/Super Sprint will ensure that as many competitors as possible will get the chance to compete. Bang-for-buck will be a core focus of the event, with each class to enjoy plenty of track time across the weekend.   

Off track, a show and shine Porsche Concours, involvement from Porsche Clubs from across Australia, local food and drink options and plenty of off-track entertainment will add to the festival vibe.  

A local mental health charity will be named to support the people of Victoria’s north given the challenging conditions they have faced throughout the last two years – part proceeds from entry fees and sponsorship to be donated following the event.  

While the event is not officially sponsored by Porsche Cars Australia, Stutt’Fest has shared its vision and looks forward to seeing the event take place and flourish by bringing together Porsche owners from across Australia. 

Further details including planned unique race formats, further on and off-track plans and key partners for the event will be announced in due course.  

More information can be found at the Stutt’Fest website, or by following the event on Facebook and Instagram via @Stuttfest.  


“This started as bit of a lockdown dream but as is always the case, has spiralled into something much bigger,” Burchartz said.  

“What began as a concept to get some people together, hire the track and have some fun turned into something much more substantial.  

“If I’m going to go in, I go in hard and Stutt’Fest has emerged from that concept.  

“The idea was based on how good a concept the Porsche Rennsport Reunion events are. I understand completely that Porsche isn’t in the position to put one on themselves right now, with all the uncertainty, so we have taken that concept as inspiration for our own event.  

“We have put a lot of the management team back together from our Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge days, and Stutt’Fest is based on that original ‘race your mates’ blueprint.  

“Winton are on board to run the motorsport side of things on track, and we couldn’t think of a better place to run it; it’s a true partnership with Chris (Lewis-Williams) and his team and they have been sensational. The facilities are perfect for what we want to achieve and the local region in the north of Victoria is crying out for an event like this that can attract people from Australia-wide.  

“Stutt’Fest is a race meeting and there will be something for everyone who wants to compete; but it’s also a car display, a show ‘n shine, a tour of the local wineries and a chance to celebrate a mutual love of the brand, both for those who are fortunate enough to own one and for those who just want to see them in action.  

“We’ll have a relaxed vibe; starched, white shirts are out and Shorts, T-Shirts and drinks with a BBQ at the end of the day are the name of the game!’  

“After the last two years, people are just hanging out, to hang out. To do it at an event like this will make those reunions even better.”   


“Winton Motor Raceway can’t wait to host Stutt’Fest 2022 in January next year. We can’t think of a better way to dust ourselves off from the endless cycle of lockdowns and Covid stress by putting on a three-day festival for all things Porsche.   

“When Sven came to us with the Stutt’Fest concept we were on board from the first phone call because the event concept and Winton as the venue aligns so well.   

“Sven’s idea is a car race meeting with a Country Racing feel and we know we can deliver that!  And, with the North East Victoria food, wine, craft beer and experiences all around Winton, we can see Stutt’Fest becoming an annual must do event for all Porsche enthusiasts.” 

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