Richard Craill April 20, 2023

STRAIGHT SIX power has a PR problem. Not that things are particularly bad when it comes to inline six power, moreso that many people tend

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Timeless F1 Dominates Australian Summer Motorsport

Dale Rodgers April 18, 2023

Not since the Tasman Series in the 1960s and early 70s has open-wheel racing had such a focus in Australia. In just over a four-week

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AUSGP Notebook: Sunday

Mark Walker April 2, 2023

What. A. Week. Here is the fourth and final instalment of our Notebook series for the 2023 Australian Grand Prix, taking a peek behind the

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AUSGP Notebook: Saturday

Mark Walker April 1, 2023

We're getting to the business end of the weekend, but plenty is still going on around the Albert Park Circuit. Welcome to the third edition

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AUSGP: 2023 F1 Class Under the Microscope

Dale Rodgers March 31, 2023

Australia is enjoying a golden era of interest and crowd attendance at the Australian Grand Prix. Spurred on by a post-pandemic return, a new Aussie

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AUSGP Notebook: Friday

Mark Walker March 31, 2023

Bloody hell - motorsport does alright to have this sort of event put on for us. Here we continue our deep dive behind the scenes

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AUSGP Notebook: Thursday

Mark Walker March 30, 2023

It's back. The Australian Grand Prix. Plus TRT's Notebook, it's back too, diving behind the scenes at the things you don't see anywhere else. So

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GOOD DAY / BAD DAY: Newcastle 500 Race 1

Richard Craill March 11, 2023

THE SUPERCARS Championship launched into their new season today at the Newcastle 500. As always at the start of a new season there were hits

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FIRST LOOK: Gen III cars, trackside

Richard Craill March 10, 2023

TRT is in Newcastle for the opening round of the Repco Supercars Championship this weekend, and ventured trackside in the opening session to get the

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COMMENT: Forget testing, and get on with it

Mark Walker February 24, 2023

The comments section of the internet has properly blown up following this week’s Supercars test at Sydney Motorsport Park – here we break down some

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