Breaking Down Brodie’s NASCAR Challenge

Mark Walker July 24, 2023

When Shane van Gisbergen was announced as a starter ahead of NASCAR’s Chicago street race, we noted on these pages the various reasons why he

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‘Gelignite’ Jack Murray’s Birthday Card

Team TRT July 22, 2023

‘Gelignite’ Jack Murray is an Aussie icon, and it's not every day you get a birthday card signed by the great man - however, that's

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SVGs triumph: The Pros and Cons for Supercars

Richard Craill July 6, 2023

ON FACE value alone Shane van Gisbergen’s remarkable win in Chicago is only good for the Repco Supercars Championship. But there’s more to the story

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RODGERS: ’23 Supercars Halftime Scorecard

Dale Rodgers July 5, 2023

Rankings are always a hot topic at The Race Torque. Outside of the Power Rankings, we also rank the Repco Bathurst 1000 co-drivers each year,

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SVG’s Never in Doubt Rollercoaster

Mark Walker July 3, 2023

The rest of the team here at The Race Torque know full well that I don’t deal with close finishes very well. Frankly, the end

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The Le Mans wake up call

Richard Craill July 1, 2023

Here's the last element in our Le Mans 24 Hour diary series, this time with an incredible selection of images contributed by the great Andrew

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Why we are going to Bangsaen

Mark Walker June 30, 2023

Here in the TRT Towers, we devote much energy to dreaming up events we want to attend. Take, for instance, this special edition of On

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Bucket List Stuff: Darwin Supercars

Mark Walker June 13, 2023

There are a lot of great events you should get to before you kick the bucket, and in this part of the world, I reckon

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Le Mans Diary #4 – Le Museum

Richard Craill June 7, 2023

THINGS are getting busy at Le Mans as we count down to the commencement of track activities, officially, on Wednesday local time. The vibe is

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LeMans Diary #3 – Le Pesage

Richard Craill June 4, 2023

IF THERE is one thing I'm stealing from this event to bring back home, it's Le Pesage - the two day extravaganza in the middle

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