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Weekend Notebook: Adelaide 500

We’ve taken our Notebook series on the road to Bathurst and the Australian Grand Prix – here, the Adelaide 500 received the behind-the-scenes TRT treatment.

Around the Grounds

The Adelaide 500, more than any other race meeting in Australia, is a true event. The local promoters tie together so many facets, activities, sideshows, and attractions, so there is truly something for everyone. Below is a mere cross-section of some of the happenings around the grounds.

Included in the parklands is a full frisbee golf course… we have yet to see any 500 patrons partake in a round.

How is there not a lawsuit?

When we think of black white and orange websites, we instantly think of The Race Torque. And so should you.

Although this turn-nine sponsor has definitely made some viewers look twice… Not us, though, we only use the internet to browse The Race Torque, a quality, family-friendly website.

Here is a closer look at their lawn…

The Great Adelaide Car Show

One of the key attractions off-track is the various car display showcases. Not all “car people” are necessarily motorsport fans – but draws such as the Kindig Customs Show are simply immense – anyone can appreciate the works of art. Imagine a world where the Holden Efijy is completely overshadowed… welcome to the Adelaide 500.

The true stars of the show…

…and here’s what overshadowed the Holden Efijy: The Race Torque branded Aussie Racing Car and Hyundai Excel, which took much of the attention away from the on-track product and other various sideshows.

The cheapest seats

Have these thrifty punters cracked the code, and found an unticketed section of the race track, which may or may not be on the outside of turn six?

More cheap seats

Meanwhile, over at turn three, these race fans simply couldn’t wait for their grandstand to be finished to take in the racing.

Cheapish seats

However, inside the gates, there are still plenty of great viewing areas, many provided free of charge attached to sponsor activations. Take for instance, the Hino Sportsdeck, which provides possibly the best view you can have of the section behind the pits. Check it out!

Testing Times

Motorsport Australia’s noise testing equipment has been deployed to the exit of the final corner. You have been warned…

The Big Wet

Fun fact: there is a tunnel that runs under the circuit just before the Senna Chicane, allowing vehicular access to the infield during racing. However, during Friday’s downpour, it turned into a drain, which effectively emptied the paddock into a nearby creek, which runs under the circuit past the exit of the Chicane.

The Superloop Adelaide 500

Remember that? There are still some remnants, if you look hard enough. This is the wall at turn five.

Take the Roundabout Way

As it transpires, at the end of the back straight (turn nine), there is a double roundabout arrangement every other weekend of the year.

We can only imagine this is a thorough cluster come peak hour…

Cheap Merch

With it being the end of the season, there are some genuine bargains to be had for eagle-eyed shoppers.

Take for instance, Will Brown Coke merchandise, which handily is now 40% off before he departs the similarly fizzed Red Bull squad tomorrow morning.

With Brodie having the title in the bag, his merch is expected to become more expensive…

We’re not on the Gold Coast anymore…

The architecture at this end of Adelaide is, at times, simply stunning. While on the Gold Coast, fibro surf shacks are heritage-listed, art pieces like this can be found on the inside of turn six.

Kowabunga dude*

* Here at TRT, we don’t know what skateboarders say in 2023.

Here, the local Adelaide Parklands skatepark has been taken over by Race Fuels, who are supplying the high-octane stuff to competitors this weekend.

Inside look

On Thursday, before the telecast kicked off in earnest, the big screen feed around the circuit featured a mix of the different cameras around the track, unmanned and locked off. Here’s what the cameraperson down at the Senna Chicane typically sees.

Help, please

There was a level of strife on Thursday when Ben Bargwanna beached his S5000 at turn 11. Firstly the tow strap from the Manitou was too long, then lifting the car did not go at all well, before the machine seemingly didn’t have the ability to lift and move at the same time. Ultimately, the car was flat towed out by a waiting recovery ute.


Somewhat bafflingly, the kid’s playground on the inside of turn four has been zip-tied shut. Surely, it would have been a perfect escape for kids, who now go home disappointed.

Step Up

Several of the flag points around the circuit are kitted out with platforms, which aid in the line of sight for marshalls.

Get around this…


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