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Mount Panorama’s new monorail

YOU READ that correctly: Mount Panorama is getting a Monorail.

At least, a Monorail carriage.. if not the real thing – you know, the thing that put North Haverbook on the map. And perhaps surprisingly, it’s not destined for the epic National Motor Racing Museum located at Murray’s corner.

As reported by 7 News Central West, Mount Panorama resident Lyle Lanley Keith Tucker purchased the carriage through Lloyds Auctions before sending it South to Bathurst on the back of a pair of trucks.

Tucker plans to turn the decommissioned train into a bar and lounge for visitors to his Conrod Straight property, rather than leave it derelict as a home for a family of possums (the largest called Bitey).

This particular Monorail train once ran from Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast across to the Broadbeach Oasis shopping centre, and at the time of launching in the 1989 cost $10 million.

It’s set to be another interesting addition to the various curious that surround the circuit itself, especially on Conrod straight – which already features Robbo’s excellent setup adjacent to The Chase.

Hopefully it works better for Mr. Tucker than it did for Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook – but frankly, we’re thrilled he’s joined the exciting field of Monorail conducting.

For those unaware, an intensive three-week course confirmed to TRT that ‘Mono’ means ‘One’ and ‘Rail’ means ‘Rail’, explaining the concept of a Monorail succinctly.

Despite marketing that suggested that there’s nothing on earth like a genuine, bona fide, Electrified, six-car monorail, the reality was far from the truth with both the Gold Coast and Sydney’s systems now gone.

It is likely its role as a place to drink beer and watch car racing will probably be more successful than either venture.

Mount Panorama; Where the Monorail is King!

Video from 7NEWS Central West. We’d suggest you go to their Facebook page and read the comments..

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