Podcast Richard Craill September 14, 2022 (Comments off) (197)

The hots and nots from Pukekohe, Monza, Monterey and More!

Doric Guy Tom Arciuli returns to join Schibecs, Craillsy and Walker for a big debrief of all the action from Pukekohe’s final fling, with the our quartet breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly from a massive weekend for Supercars.

There’s reflections on Will Power’s second IndyCar title, Monza antics and a decent rant about Safety Cars plus a look ahead to the SpeedSeries event at Sandown this weekend and then our usual Power Rankings for the week that was.

Four guys, a Zoom and a Podcast. It’s like a new sitcom coming your way soon, except it’s already here in Podcast form!

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Lead Photo: IndyCar

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