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FACT: Colouring in helps reduce stress, and here at The Race Torque we are all about a stress-free existance.

“ARTWORK”: Mark Walker

Click on each picture to be able to print at home, obviously, as Officeworks is now out of bounds.

So crack out the crayons, and get scribbling in our patented Motorsport Colouring In Book!

Post your examples to the comments section on our Facebook page and we’ll award the best attempt a prize.

“Mates Bringing Back the Biff” – Eastern Creek 2003

Share a Coke with…? We’ve already this year had the ability to share a Coke with James and Chris, so why not insert your favourite person on the bonnet of the Team Sydney rig? Sorry, we should have warned you to buy more red crayons BEFORE the lock down…

This certainly was stressful for Dick Johnson, the day he stuffed the Greens Tuf Falcon into the Forrest Elbow shrubbery. Now, have a crack at the door of said wreck, bonus points if you get the Channel 7 rainbow right.

We’ve provided a cheat sheet for this one: Shane Van Gisbergen sending it into the beach at Barbagallo in 2015.

Another one we’ve given you a cheat sheet for: this “artistic” photo frankly did not translate well to the medium of colouring in. Have at it.

“Inversion” by Jason Bright.

“Fenced” by Tim Blanchard.

“Absolute Dog’s Breakfast” by Pepsi Max in 2011

“50 Shades of Gray” brake rotor

“Bathurst in Watercolour”. Go on, use watercolours, I dare you.

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