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RATINGS: Strong finish for motorsport’s BATG winner

CHANNEL NINE reality show Beauty and the Geek finished it’s three-week run on Tuesday night with Motorsport PR operative Lachlan Mansell and Kiera the big winners.

As always with everything racing-related, TRT’s Ratings Watch has been tracking the numbers of the show each week.

#BATG launched to an impressive 808,000 people watching in Australia’s metro areas on the same Sunday as the first Townsville Supercars event on July 11.

It’s launch episode was the third most-watched show of the day on free-to-air TV.

While it wouldn’t reach those dizzying heights again, the show settled into a constant groove for Channel 9 despite going up against the closing stages of MasterChef, and the launch of the new season of Australian Survivor.

While the end of MasterChef’s run was comfortably bigger than the start of Geek’s, the show basically matched Survivor throughout most of their run, only a few thousand people separating their average audiences across the period they ran concurrently.

The final two weeks then had to deal with the ratings juggernaut that are the Olympics, Channel 7 winning every night (and day, and morning..) since Tokyo 2020 started.

Sundays proved the biggest night for the show, followed by Mondays and then Tuesdays the lowest.

The three-night run home this week saw 678,000 tune in Sunday night, before 519,000 watched on Monday as the finalists were set.

The Grand Finale’ show on Tuesday night was the most-watched mid-week episode of the series, pushing to 588,000, however the ‘Winner announced’ segment, coded separately, surged to 665,000.

With Lachy’s Bathurst-themed speech making the headlines following his win with Kiera on Sunday night, it becomes the most-viewed piece of motorsport-themed content on TV this year – on a network which shows exactly zero motorsport.

The Sunday race of the Mount Panorama 500 drew a metro audience of 460,000 on Channel 7 and Fox Sports in February this year.

Overall, BATG averaged just under 610,000 people for Channel 9 across its entire run.

Lachy and Kiera split $100,000 in winnings for their efforts, while Lachy should be able to capitalise on his online following – which has blown out to more than 20,000 on Instagram.. more than the show’s own official account!

Congrats to Lachy on his big win, from the TRT team.

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