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Holidaying on Mount Panorama

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, may we suggest the perfect destination for you and your family? Mount Panorama, Bathurst.

If you are a regular reader of these pages, you would be aware of our fondness for the city of Bathurst – as proof, please familiarise yourself with our ultimate guide to the town.

Now, when race weekend rolls around in Bathurst, the very first accommodation houses to be booked out are those perched around the Mount Panorama Circuit.

And why not? For the privileged few who can afford the premium to stay trackside, the luxury of strolling to the pits each day, or taking in the vistas of the circuit from unique private vantage points is incredible.

However, outside of race weekends, night rates can come down into the realm of affordability for commonfolk, with the best bit being that you HAVE to cut a lap of the best circuit in the world when you check in and out.

So, pack your wagon, as we present The Race Torque’s holiday guide to Mount Panorama…

The Cutting Mount Panorama
212 Mountain Straight, Mount Panorama

One accommodation house that has piqued our interest over the years is The Cutting Mount Panorama, the second-highest property on the side of the hill, with the top-quality boutique stay offering the best of both worlds – a country retreat for 47 weeks a year, and an amazing vantage of The Cutting section of the racetrack for the other five.

It’s an absolute entertainer’s delight, with its six bedrooms capable of sleeping up to 18 folks, with a range of features like a pool and a tennis court wrapped by lovely English gardens.

If nothing else, it is very worthwhile giving their social channels a follow (Instagram/Facebook) for the latest animal updates, including sightings of Eddy Echidna, and also live reportds from when it snows.

Back in 2021, the On the Grid Podcast caught up with Susie Edwards from The Cutting as a part of our epic 4-hour track walk, and it was a great chat about life on The Mountain.

505 Conrod Straight

505 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama

If heights aren’t your thing, there are plenty of options down on the flat.

Introducing 505 Conrod Straight, another six-bedroom beauty that can host up to 12 guests.

Freshly renovated, the house provides probably the closest sleeping quarters to the racing surface of Conrod Straight – so if you are aiming for a late wake up come 12 Hour weekend, we suggest you look elsewhere.

With all of the mod-coms, the property features a pool, plus direct access to the pits via the internal road network, while on race weekends you can come and go as you please via the tunnel.

Want more? Check out the sensational man cave in the video…

Mount Panorama Wines

117 Mountain Straight, Mount Panorama

We are all in on wineries, so a winery on Mount Panorama is something that absolutely tickles our fancy.

Fortunately, if you are in the market for partaking in the circuit’s finest produce, you don’t have to drive, with Mount Panorama Wines also offering a studio guesthouse on-site, suitable to accommodate up to four guests.

With mega views back over the vineyards, the skippys, the racetrack and the Blue Mountains, we absolutely cannot think of a better place to partake in a glass of local vino.

Rydges Mount Panorama
1 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama

How on earth could we possibly miss Rydges, the bid daddy of accommodation in Bathurst?

The closest holiday option to the pits, Rydges comes complete with all of the facilities and trimmings you would expect with a Rydges, except every room of this example features a brilliant view of the best racetrack in the world.

Outside of anything, the Chicane Bar & Grill downstairs is top-notch, with the outdoor area absolutely ideal for summer evenings, sinking a pint as the sun sets behind The Mountain.

We have stayed here previously and can absolutely vouch for it.

Bathurst Goldfields

428 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama

For something a bit different, head to the very top of Conrod Straight for the Bathurst Goldfields, which combines multiple facets relating to the city’s golden heritage.

Over the decades, the Goldfields Education Centre has been host to many school and public groups, with the facility also featuring a function and conference centre.

Accommodation-wise, choices range from a 20-room motel, two self-contained cabins, as well as dormitory-style lodging for larger groups.

Want more? The 30 acres property features a fully licensed bar, while you can also utilise the BBQ or campfires.


448 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama

If you are looking for a more luxurious country retreat, next door to the Goldfields is Lochinvar.

Featuring three cabins, this is a very different side to Mount Panorama!

Maple, Magnolia and Camellia all have their own character, and share a driveway that leads onto the circuit near the kink at the top of Conrod Straight.

Eureka on Conrod
457 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama

While it might not necessarily be available during the year, Eureka on Conrod is another house on the inside of the track that offers a unique vantage point.

Featuring three double rooms, a twin share room and 3.5 bathrooms, the distinctive black abode features multiple entertaining areas.


During race weekends, many of the other private properties on the infield become packed with campers – look no further than Robbo’s on the entry to the Chase, or the rather large gathering at the end of Mountain Straight.

While you are here…

Fortunately, the accommodation options around The Mountain are complimented by a range of things to see and do.

Firstly, the National Motor Racing Museum, located at the bottom of Conrod Straight as you drive into the circuit from the heart of town, is an absolute must-visit attraction for anyone who passes through Bathurst, ever.

It is first class, with the collection on show continually revolving and evolving.

Of course, there is also the aforementioned winery, then there is also the recently installed Mount Panorama walkway and boardwalk.

For the super-fit, you can join the trail at the exit of Griffins Bend, or for those looking for a more leisurely amble, you can join the boardwalk at the Jack Hinxman Vista, and take in the views from the top of McPhillamy Park and beyond.

The trail is now complete with various information boards lining the path, recounting the history of the area.

For the kids, McPhillamy Park features a playground, and a rather large sand pit… Who said you can’t holiday at both the mountains and beach?

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