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AUSGP Notebook: Sunday

What. A. Week.

Here is the fourth and final instalment of our Notebook series for the 2023 Australian Grand Prix, taking a peek behind the curtain at some of the odd things we have seen in our travels around the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit.

Just marshall stuff

The electronic signs boards around the circuit are a bespoke piece of tech, and invaluable in keeping drivers informed.

Not only is information passed automatically from race control, but local marshalls can input info pertinent to their sector.

Elsewhere in the demarkation lane

You think setting up a race track is simple? There’s a lot more that goes into a street circuit than necessarily meets the eye, especially with modern information at the forefront.

From Supercars’ timing and scoring are the yellow boxes, which are combined with loops cut into the track at areas such as the start/finish, pit in/pit out, sectors, micro sectors and circuit shortcuts.

Likewise, F1 have a host of their own tech, including for DRS zones, while the finish line camera has earned a cage this year, so it can’t be messed with.


It’s not the first rodeo for these officials, who have constructed their own all-weather escape for downtime between sessions…

Don’t get FOMO

Do you wish you were in a corporate box this weekend? Don’t stress – you’re probably not missing out on much.

Exhibit A: we’re getting mixed reviews on the “Multi Purpose Wine”, vintage unknown.

Nice touch

On the inside of turn three is this plaque commemorating the history of the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

Commentary boxes

This year, the host of F1 commentary boxes has been moved to the inside of the track on the run-up to turn one.

Logistically, it somewhat makes sense, as it makes it easier for commentators to dash from the grid or the paddock, rather than the old placement on the outside of the track.

Behind this is a series of diesel generators, plus an exclusive, commentator-only toilet block.

Ever wondered how much a concrete block weighs?

Now you know.

Club corner

It’s great to see so many car clubs involved in the festivities.

Our personal favourite is the Victoria Formula Vees.

Adapt, improvise, overcome

Being a long way from home, the F2 and F3 teams have had to McGuyver up some very creative pit wagons for the weekend.

Also, the golf course wants to know when they can have their carts back…


The locals are seemingly ok with the GP as a concept – like our little mate here, having a drink from the top of a Tecpro barrier.

Is that you, Daft Punk?

Fantasy track time

It won’t happen, but hear us out…

Instead of running through the car park out of turn three, why not route the circuit through the Lakeside Stadium, and channel our inner Mexican Grand Prix?

Sure, it would really upset the athletics users of the stadium, but it would be a cool thing, and somewhat increase the seating capacity of the track.

Happy Gilmore in the house!

Speaking of sporting facilities, a fixture of the course between turns two and three is the Albert Park Driving Range.

Hat tip to the monster who drilled this bad boy over the back fence, and nearly into the turn-one bunker.


Motorsport getting in on the action

It’s great to see so many companies using their motorsport presence in their activations around the grounds during the event.

You can’t fool us, that’s not a Mini LED…

Pack her up, we’re done

In previous years, the F1 shipping containers have been stored down near turn 11, but with the shuffle of the paddock this year with F2 and F3, they have found a new home near turn two.

Judging by the above lineup, each team has four forklifts at their disposal to get things moving quickly tonight in the cleanup.

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