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Classic Queensland Carnage

We recently delved into the archives to find various bingles from our travels.

That same deep dive produced the following Queensland-centric collection.

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Craig Bastian has a mischief in the Konica V8 Lites at Lakeside. This is the only V8 Supercar in history to carry sponsorship from both One.Tel and FAI, two companies that didn’t last much longer…

The Bootlegger Mustang tries its best to go over the edge at the Noosa Hillclimb.

Charles Ryman in a spot of bother aboard his ex-Glenn Seton Falcon at a Lakeside state round in 1999.

Chris Donnelly’s awesome ex-Glenn Seton Escort Sports Sedan lost a battle with the wall on Lakeside’s final turn.

Richie Hearn finds trouble in the Della Penna Motorsports Swift at the 1998 Gold Coast Indy.

Michael Donaher and Craig Harris tangle, heat 2, Queensland Raceway 1999.

Mark Wenman and Russell White somehow emerged from this mess that happened at Queensland Raceway’s second turn.

Shayne Melton and one of the Searle family have an off at Lakeside’s Karrussell.

George Elliot checks out the Gold Coast Indy fence in 1993.

Brett Cooper runs out of brakes at QR turn 6.

The Under 2 Litre Sports Sedan race at Lakeside in 1999 in support of the national Sports Sedans. Note, the driver training centre being constructed in the background.

Aaron Lewis in the mega Elfin MS7 throws a leg out at the QR Historics.

Leave no doubt, power out! Leyburn Sprints.

Tony Longhurst and Rodney Forbes, Gold Coast 1999.

Mount Cotton strikes again.

A Formula Vee finding the freshly plowed outfield at Morgan Park, circa 2003.

Rod Nash takes the high line at Queensland Raceway.

Is that an NRC International Formula Holden at Queensland Raceway?

Mike Downard’s Playboy BMW, QR 1999, before it later that day wound up on its roof.

Rod Lynch’s Escort Sports Sedan had seen batter days than this one at Lakeside…

Phil Ward gets loose into Michael Donaher, Paul Romano wears the worst of it. QR 1999.

Barry Tanton and Graham Fryer headbutted Geminis in the Eastern Loop at Lakeside.

Tony Cox’s Toyota Carina Sports Sedan at Lakeside.

The invention of understeer, Mount Cotton.

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