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National Motor Racing Museum

It is genuinely one of our favourite places, and right now, it is even better, with the National Motor Racing Museum currently playing host to the Chrysler in Australian Motorsport special exhibition.

You can judge for yourself from the below pics, but some of the absolute highlights include Clem Smith’s legendary sports sedan, the White family’s beastly Targa Viper, and a selection of sensational Valiants – there is plenty there to drool over.

The beauty of the NMRM is that the showcase is constantly switching and changing, with new display pieces constantly being rotated through.

To get an idea of some of the different machines that are on show, check out our yarn on our personal top ten cars on show back in 2022, when a Larry Perkins feature dominated the exhibits.

As always, the Museum tops our list of Things to See & Do in Bathurst, while it is always a highlight when you are holidaying on Mount Panorama at any time during the year.

If you’ve never been to the National Motor Racing Museum – add it to your bucket list, you won’t regret it.

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