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Bathurst 1000: Thursday Notebook

Let’s put politics aside for just one moment – it’s great to be back on track at Mount Panorama.

As with everything here on The Race Torque, the Bathurst Notebook series is a community project – if you see anything of interest at all, let us know @theracetorque, and we’ll give it a run!

So, it’s on with the show…

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That Damn Grate

Everyone is always saying grate this, and grate that, but has anyone ever bothered to have a look inside the grate as to what is going on with one of Mount Panorama’s most perilous obstacles?

Wonder no more – here is a literal deep dive inside this pesky landmark, which will once again play a crucial role this weekend.

As you can see, it is a fairly regulation grate, that does typical drainage tasks. The end.

But wait, there’s more: Grates

How come “The Grate” gets all of the attention?

As it transpires, there are numerous other grates on the racing surface at various points around the race track.

For instance, the one pictured above left, on the exit of “The Grate” is right on racing line, and is actually traversed by most cars running a red hot wall-riding line.

Others exist further downstream of the Esses.

You see, with the concrete walls around the circuit forming a canyon, adequate drainage outlets are an absolute necessity.

Reynolds Speaks

David Reynolds talks to Tony Schibeci about having a bloody fast co-driver in Garth Tander, and what a Gen3 car is like on Mount Panorama.

Stormy Weather

Wednesday ended in scenes that were a carbon copy of the same day from 12 months earlier, with a significant weather system settling in on top of the Central West, making life most uncomfortable for everyone, especially campers.

Talking to local experts, the rain was the worst experienced in the area since race week last year, with the weather event following a particularly dry winter.

This week, Team TRT is based exactly 737m from Murray’s Corner in one of the many houses that are vacated by local families during race week, and in some of the heavier rain squalls, our superb view of Mount Panorama completely vanished, above.

The weather system brought with it a cold change, with the conditions today particularly icy, thanks to the stiff breeze blowing.

Apparently, the wind will die down over the weekend, which should assist the “feels like” temperature.

Well, that didn’t go well…

Typically in these notebooks, we report on the first car to officially hit the circuit in practice on the opening day of track action. The cars exit the dummy grid, straight onto the circuit, easy done. Except for 2023.

Jordan Caruso was the first to leave the dummy grid, as decided by the Sports Sedan series point score.

And then he absolutely botched it – instead of following the directions of the officials and entering the track, he led the first handful of cars down the pitlane.

So, the first car to hit the track was Steve Lacey, although Tony Ricciardello led the first lap around.

It’s great to have the Gods of Thunder back at the Great Race for the first time in 31 years.

60 Year Celebrations in Full Swing

The National Motor Racing Museum has once again knocked it out of the park, with a special exhibit celebrating 60 years of the event.

We’ll bring you some further highlights throughout race week, but put it on your list, it is an absolute must-visit attraction.

Dressed to Impress

When the Bathurst 1000 rolls into town, it’s kind of a big deal.

Throughout the downtown area, a high percentage of the shops tart up their window fronts with various Great Race-themed facades, many containing awesome throwbacks, memorabilia or research pieces.

Well done, Bathurst, us visitors appreciate it.

Camping Scenes: Thursday

Pit Stop Pros

It’s a standard Triple Eight Race Engineering procedure, stencilled-in measures allow the team to give immediate feedback to the drivers if they have pulled up short or long in the pit box.

Who did this?

These signs have been posted recently in key locations on the slope down the hill.

Fess up – who caused the Bathurst Council to do this?

Drive-In Throwback

Like the majority of Drive-In movie theatres in Australia, the Bathurst example is long gone.

These days, the site, just before the entry to The Chase on driver’s right, is home to an expanding array of camping options.

However, remnants of the facility’s driveway still remain in place today.

Behind the scenes: Pit studio edition

Timing matters

Meet the timing loops cut into the track surface at the safety car line on the exit of the pits, and the associated equipment which transmits the data back to the timekeepers.

Cold Snap

Hopefully, with the change of weather, the early weekend snake sightings around the precinct will be a distant memory…

Our happy place…

On Wednesday evening, Team TRT partook in the festivities at Reckless Brewing, which is possibly our favourite place on earth, alongside Mount Panorama.

Check it out for yourself at 2a Piper Street in downtown Bathurst.

Activating: Hard

Repco continues to activate hard, with the 2023 version of their Garage an absolute fun fest.

You can’t get mono from riding the monorail: today’s fresh monorail pic

Smuggling update: Thursday

Spotted: A Visitor in Trouble

A Queensland number-plated Ford Falcon making many attempts to successfully nail a 45-degree reverse park in downtown Bathurst. They do things a little different in country NSW…






Dreams Come True


It really is pretty good


It’s a big telecast…

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